Introducing Bryant’s New HouseWise WiFi Theromostat

A thermostat that’s more than smart. It’s Housewise.


Housewise_ThermostatThe Bryant Housewise thermostat begins saving you money as soon as it’s installed with built-in features like smart setback, energy-use reporting and tailored tips. You can save an average of 20 percent annually* on your heating and cooling energy costs.

All you need is your smart device and an Internet connection to control your system from almost anywhere.

With professional installation from All Phase Heating & Air, an authorized Bryant dealer, you’ll know the job is done right to maximize your system’s performance and keep more money in your wallet.

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* Based on a 2012 third-party study comparing Bryant Housewise technology to the estimated cost of a non-programmable thermostat set to 72°F at all times.