Customer Testimonials

All Phase Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. prides itself in having a very strong word-of-mouth referral service. In a small town like ours, there’s no better compliment than to have our customers speak highly of us and refer their friends and family. Call us today at (530) 274-9955 to see your glowing recommendation here soon afterward!

  • To: Max and Dorin

    I've spent a lot of time trying to figure it where to start this and I keep returning to the beginning. So, I'll try to keep short and pointed.

    After retiring as a Senior Technical Manager, spending A LOT of time interviewing prospective vendors for services featuring request and :Request for Proposals," I learned A LOT about business operations, sales persons, and employees very quickly.

    That being said, when I first moved into my home, I wanted my heating and A/C checked. A friend, Joe and Marilyn Longo, recommended All Phase since you installed a new system at their home and they were very happy. So, I called and your technician came out, looked at my unit and said, "well this is an oldie." It had a date of the late 1980's. While he was doing his inspection, I was over his shoulder asking questions about what he was testing for and what are the expected readings. Trying not to be a pest. After he was done, he said everything was working fine and no additional work was required. He did mention, that although working, if there were a major component failure, I'd be out of luck for replacement parts. I heard of horror stories where a tech would come out on an advertised "tune up" price and the customer doles out hundreds of dollars on something that was working to begin with.

    So the next few years on an annual inspection and a different tech, the results were always the same. I was confident All Phase technicians were honest and respected their customers.

    Finally, this year I decided to make the change and upgrade my Heating and A/C before it failed. Last summer I knew my older unit was getting tired and its running state was on most of the time. So I called and received some bids.

    So here is the "whys" I chose All Phase. Since my first experience with All Phase, I've always felt there was a level of integrity in your employees. While a competitor was close to All Phase. But what stood out, as a sales person was Brad. Brad not only fully explained the proposal; Brad explained all the "whys" Why the ducting would be changed, why the return need to be revised, why the new testing requirements are done. I didn't have to ask the "whys," Brad gave me the information I needed to make an informative decision. Brad also asked if I had any heating and cooling issues in any particular areas of my home and Brad offered a solution that is working.

    Installation- your Tech's arrived on time, they introduced themselves and were courteous. Whenever they needed access into my home they always put booties on their feet to protect my floor. I would periodically check to see what they were doing and again (it's me) asking questions. Your tech's were informative and again would explain what they were doing.

    So what does this really mean? If employees are happy, treat their customers respectfully, not bickering on the job, not complaining? That is a clear signal of the management structure of the business or the manager. If their own company does not respect their employees, then the customers sees that as toxic. When the inspector came out to do the final? He looked at their job and asked "Did All Phase do this?" His comment; "I can tell by their work, they are one of the best."

    So, this is really not a pat on the back to the customer-facing employees. It's the whole machine. The ordering department, the warehouse, the office staff, and the management structure make it happen, they just may not know it.

    In closing, please extend my thanks to all.

    –Mike L.

  • All personnel I dealt with were very knowledgeable, very courteous and treated me extremely well.–Sheridan L.

  • Excellent, excellent service. Owner and all employees knowledgeable, prompt and efficient.–Peter C.

  • All Phase may be my best experience with any home contractor…and I am 72 years old. This is true from their telephone greeting to post installation cleanup and departure. The entire organization is outstanding. The installation team of Brad, Justin and Jacob is extraordinary.–Frank D.

  • We are so impressed with All Phase’s approach to customer service – they take the time to do the job right.–Jim & Cynthia P.

  • The installers were very courteous, careful and professional. They made the whole experience as painless as possible.–Gary J.

  • We would like to thank all of you for the wonderful job you did installing our heating and air conditioning unit. This winter we have used it some and it heats the entire house up in about 10 minutes. It is a real pleasure to know it is there. We couldn’t be happier. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so very much.–John & Marlene R.

  • We want to thank you for a job well done. The crew you sent to install our new HVAC system did an excellent job. They obviously knew what they were doing, were very courteous in putting up with our endless questions and they were very concerned with keeping our house clean as evidenced by their attention to details such as putting on booties whenever they entered and cleaning up at the end of each work day. The system works as advertised – it’s quiet, it does an excellent job of keeping the house cool and WE LIKE IT! We would not hesitate to recommend your company and the products you provide to anyone.–Dennis & Elaine O.

  • It is not too often that you meet someone in the business environment that excels to your highest standard of excellence. This past month while the rain and snow was happening, I turned on my air conditioner to check it for operation. When the noise began at the outside fan unit, I knew it was time to call for help! Your quick answer and faster response was tremendous. The air conditioning tech told me everything was burned up and needed replacement. He said Max would call me about the replacement costs, etc. Max called, showed up early and was quick to point out my options. Based on his guidance, I chose new unit replacement. He said they could install the new unit the following Monday. I asked for earlier and he said they were very busy, but would see what he could do…this was Wednesday. Talk about fabulous business acumen…the next day, I returned home around 11:00am and his crew had installed everything and was in the final testing stages! They were gone by 2:00pm. I highly recommend All Phase Solar, Heating & Air Conditioning for any home or business needs. They are very professional, technically knowledgeable and dependable for your needs. Thank you All Phase!–Craig & Bonnie S.

  • Thank you very much for your great service and very clean installation. I would like to say that your installation crew was very professional and courteous and we felt like we were in good hands during the installation process. They did everything that you and I talked about and more. Thanks again.–John S., Professional Land Surveyor

  • Couldn’t have been better. Best customer service I’ve had in years!–Gloria S.